Wheel and Come Again.

                                                                                                    December Means Giving and Sharing!!!

December is Special at Pedal & Wheel™ Fitness

It's that time of the year again, long days and longer nights.  It's a time to reflect on this past year (where has the time gone), to finish off that 'goals list', to endure the month of December and to plan for the upcoming year.  Many of us have had a major setback in our fitness goals in the past couple months with Chik-V, but also realize that we need to gently exercise our bodies to massage our muscles, to lubricate our joints and to minimize weight gain. Well we have the best solution for you, SPINNING®. It's time to recommit to your exercise programs and to get back on the bike and take control of your bodies and train more effectively as you get live feedback of your work with the use of our Polar GX Group Heart Rate Monitoring System.  

We have a very short month that is loaded with upcoming events and special offerings here at Pedal & Wheel™Fitness. We will be having 2 Sunday Marathons back-to-back offered by Rose Tavares-Finson and Natalie Murray respectively, and a Birthday Celebration ride with Jodi Mair. You don't want to miss these!!! Enjoy a great Christmas Savings this month, 10 Rides for $10K with the purchase of a 10 Polar GX Series.  Take advantage of all of these special offerings and let's take back control of our lives.

THANK YOU to all who supported us this year and we wish for you and your families a very sacred,safe and festive season.  

December Savings
Recommit and Give a Gift of Health

10 for $10K is back with the purchase of a 10 Polar GX series.
Purchase a Gift Certificate for your family and friends and give a gift of health this Christmas with this special offer.

Upcoming Events

We are pleased to offer two (2) 90 minutes Sunday Marathons in the month of December and a Birthday Celebration Ride.
  • Sunday Marathon, December 7 at 10 AM with Rose Tavares-Finson
  • Sunday Marathon, December 14 at 9:30 AM with Natalie Murray.  
  • Birthday Celebration Ride, Tuesday, December 23 at 5:30 AM with Jodi Mair

Call 876 631-2541, email pedalandwheel@gmail.com to reserve your bike.

Cost is only a drop-in rate.

See you on the bike this month and have a great December.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Wheel and come again.



















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